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MOTUS Dance Company:
See you at the daCi National Gathering in July!

Requirements to join:

*Be enrolled in at least one class at Cottage Dance Academy (Vancouver, WA)

*Age 8-17 (Age 8 by the date of our first MOTUS session of the current school year)

*Commitment to attending company technique and choreography sessions as well as commitment to participating in our outreach performances  and in sharing dance with the community

Financial Commitment:  Fee of $30 per month, which covers:

*MOTUS t-shirt/costuming needs

*The technique portion sessions; the dancers who participate in the company will also be experiencing  the benefit of learning fundamentals of structured improvisation and choreographic principles.

*Fees for use of performance spaces, participation in community events and/or travel costs to various venues


**If a dancer is paying the “Unlimited” tuition rate at  Cottage Dance Academy (Vancouver), MOTUS fees are bundled into that monthly payment


Time Commitment:

One Saturday afternoon technique/choreography session per month.  Beyond that, dancers will attend their regular classes; we will schedule outings to perform and share dance throughout the community. Consistent attendance helps our dancers to bond as a company as well as to progress in their technique and performance quality. We will be creating work for performance and sharing at each MOTUS session; this process requires commitment and dedication. We encourage dancers in the company to continue their other activities, and hope that participation in MOTUS will be an enhancement to each dancer’s education and life experience.


Community Service:

A large part of our company mission is to benefit our surrounding community through sharing the art of dance-we hope to reach populations of people who may not get to experience a dance performance otherwise. Dancers who participate in MOTUS can get community service hours for Scouts, Honor Society or other service-related organizations in which they participate. Along with performing for people in the community, our company will also share the learning process and invite audience participation, truly reaching out and becoming arts ambassadors.

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