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MOTUS Dance Company:
Stay tuned for updates on the future of MOTUS!

MOTUS is a children's dance company formed to serve communities through performances and dance-sharing events as well as service and outreach.

From 2016-2023, our dancers age 8-17 were based in Vancouver, WA and shared dance in local community settings like retirement and Senior centers, preschools, local parks and markets. We were honored to bring dancers to the daCi USA National Gatherings in 2017 and 2023 and to share dance and the creative process with people from across the country.

When our director relocated to NE Tennessee in 2022, the company continued to work together across the miles, creating a performance piece for its Vancouver dancers as well.

In 2024 and beyond, the mission and vision of MOTUS will continue to develop to serve a new community and grow a love for creative movement and dance in the future. Looking toward working across generations, we have begun with free dance sessions for active seniors based in a church community as well as bringing dance education to men and women in addiction recovery programs. 






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