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Private Lessons. . .

To help you reach your goals and have an engaging experience!


          Liz Borromeo is available for private lessons for 30 minute or 1 hour sessions for child and adult students who seek individual coaching for improving technique (ballet-including pointe work or modern dance), audition preparation, choreography and/or addressing body mechanics issues or imbalances to include conditioning exercise assignments for home practice.


         Through private lessons, dancers can gain more confidence and strength by learning valuable new skills and techniques.  They can have the opportunity to ask in-depth questions and have the teacher’s full attention, thus exploring the art of dance in a way that best fits their personal dance or fitness goals.

            Liz has been a dance educator and choreographer for 25+ years, and has varied and extensive knowledge and experience in both dance and exercise physiology.  She is a certified Medical Exercise Specialist, has worked extensively in Physical Therapy coaching patients on proper body mechanics and exercise programs and can thus offer advice to dancers that is safe, age-appropriate and customized to their individual needs.


*To schedule a private session, please contact


*Lessons will be arranged based on studio/teacher availability and scheduling needs of the student.  Semi-private sessions are also available.


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